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Urethane Snow Plow Blades - German and Japan Material, Made In China

If you want to keep from scratching up driveways, Urethane Snow Plow Blades works very well.

It extends service life to 5-times longer than rubber Snow Plow Blades.


What is Urethane Snow Plow Blade?

Urethane snow plow blades are installed on plow trucks to minimize damage to runway lights, cobblestones, decorative bricks and other roadway objects, meanwhile, they can provide vibration protection and shock absorption to the equipment. Urethane snow plow blades are usually customized molded by abrasion resistant urethane.

Pepsen blades are designed to reduce vibration and feature two rows of slots so that both sides of the blade can be used, doubling its service life.


Why use Urethane Snow Plow Blade?

Polyurethane Snow Plow Blade has many performance advantages over steel and rubber ones.

Urethane is the perfect material for the snow plowing application. It has been specially formulated to withstand the rough condition of plowing, with a brittle point of -30 degree C.

Urethane is noise abatement. It offers quieter alternative to steel one .It also decreases vibration in the truck as the contact with the ground surface is minimized.

Urethane also reduces obstacle impact.


Why Use Pepsen Urethane Snow Plow Blade

Pepsen polyurethane has done full testing and has been manufacturing this line of proven Urethane Snow Plow Blade for 20 years.

We use abrasion and impact urethane material, other than cheaper urethane

Raw material from Bayer and Mitsubishi ensure high-quality product, while in-house prepolymer manufacturing enables us to offer a competitive price.

With our strong engineering support, material selection expertise, we usually only spend 1-2 weeks to manufacture custom cast urethane snow plow blades. The engineering staff has the experience and knowledge to select suitable and economical urethane formulations according to your requirements.

Over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high wear polyurethane products.

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Urethane Snow Plow Blades
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