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Anti-static Urethane WheelShanghai Pepsen manufactures anti-static urethane wheel as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally 50A, 70A, 90A, but can vary as well as color.


What is anti-static urethane wheel?

Urethane itself is non-conductive and does not dissipate electrical charge. Rolling friction will create static builds up electricity, a dangerous amount of electricity may build up on isolated parts. Anti-static urethane wheel are manufactured and used to reduce static electricity build-up.


What are advantages of anti-static urethane wheel?

 Eliminate electrical charge

 Maintains consistent conductivity over time

 Does not contaminate electronic or mechanical devices

 Longer component life by preventing glazing

 No or little tooling cost

 Ester based and ether based polyurethane available


How does PEPSEN make anti-static urethane wheel?

Anti-static additives are inexpensive and only a small ratio will work well. Adding these additives will affect urethane physical properties and shrinkage rate slightly, while creating a much safer environment. The anti-static additive will be mixed completely through the urethane material, PEPSEN has more than ten years’ experience of adding anti-static additive into urethane compounds, so meanwhile we can have hardness and shrinkage under control.

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Anti-static Urethane Wheel
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