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Economical & Innovative Polyurethane Solutions

Custom Molding

We have over 20 years’ experience in custom polyurethane (PU) molding. Shanghai Pepsen manufactures custom molded polyurethane products which cover almost every industries such as nuclear industry, medical, marine and offshore, polycrystalline silicon , environmental protection, wind power generation.

How does Pepsen manufacture precision molds for versatile and custom polyurethane products?

We have around 20 plus years of experience in designing and making molds for custom polyurethane products. At the beginning when polyurethane elastomer was introduced to China, we started to make easy molds for products such as polyurethane rods, tubes, pads, strips and etc. We have accumulated much experience of shrinkage rate of polyurethane for different hardness, different seasons and temperature. Over the past 10 years, customers from oversea companies and even Fortune 500 have been moving some most complicated and difficult products in the polyurethane industry from local factory to China, this pushes us to improve our molds making capability, some of molds are made by state of the art CNC in the world. This also enhances our experience of shrinkage for complicated custom molded polyurethane products.

How does Pepsen provide custom molded polyurethane formulations for specific applications?

Hardness range and formula of polyurethane are very wide. There are over 30 kinds of different custom molded polyurethane formulations in this industry, beside, slightly change of ratio or brand of one raw material will create a new formulation. On 2007, we built up in-house laboratory with standard temperature and humidity, physical properties testing and peeling testing can be run in our laboratory. We have records of physical dates for polyurethane the hardness of which ranges from Shore 0A-98A-80D. Also, we have been serving over 6000 customers from almost every industry that increases our knowledge of industries and applications, the huge database and rich industry knowledgeenables us to provide economical and suitable custom polyurethane for all applications.


How is Pepsen equipped herself to meet requirements of customers and projects?

Custom molded polyurethane products are widely used in marine, oil & gas pipeline, construction and mining industry. Customers from these industries usually ask for very long or big polyurethane parts that normally factory will say no or offer unbelievable price. Pepsen never says no to customer easily. Through rebuilding our existing facilities and improvement of raw material and casting process, we saved USD 25,000 mold fee for customer from gold mine. In past 15 years, we invest over USD 1500,000 on facilities such as casting machine, 10 meters lathe, 4 meters ovens, plate vulcanizes, carving machine and environment protection equipment. 

Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Co., Ltd welcomes the challenge that custom polyurethane products can bring. We have the capability to bond our custom molded polyurethane to metal and many other substrates. If you have rollers or wheels that need to be recovered, we can strip off the old material and recover them with the polyurethane formulation that best fits the application. That is a cost-saving for many customers, especially when the cores or inserts are intricate or costly.

Some of Our Notable Work:

- Urethane fender formarine offshore.

- Custom polyurethane liner for Polycrystalline silicon transporter. 

- Urethane concrete stamp for site construction.

- PU Wheel for 300 tons shield tunneling machine.