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Custom Casting Molded Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane parts are widely used in versatile industries. They are customized according to specific working environment.

If you are searching not only an experienced polyurethane manufacturer in molded polyurethane products and technology, but also someone who can offer economical polyurethane solutions, then Pepsen is here to help. We offer a wide range of polyurethane compounds for your polyurethane molded parts.


Why will you choose Pepsen to make polyurethane parts?

Ø  In-house prepolymer manufacturing.

Ø  Economical and high performance raw materials available.

Ø  Hardness ranging from Shore 0A to 98A to 80D.

Ø  Over 30 stocked color options and customized colors available in PEPSEN.

Ø  In House Machining Services to hold tight tolerances after casting.


How hard is polyurethane parts Pepsen can make?

One of polyurethane advantages is wide hardness, the range covers partial hardness for both rubber and plastic. We are proud to say we can make molded polyurethane parts with the hardness ranging from Shore0A-98A-80D, most of urethane companies from Western countries cannot cover this.

If you have no idea of hardness of your parts, just inform applications and working condition, our experience engineer staff will assist selecting suitable polyurethane hardness and compound for your application.


How many polyurethane formulation and compounds Pepsen can provide and what they are?

We not only produce prepolymer by ourselves but also purchase prepolymer on customers' request. Over 20 years’ hard working in this industry and experience of working with over 1200 customers from almost all industries make Pepsen one of most experienced manufacturers in selecting polyurethane compounds and formulations to cast custom molded polyurethane parts. Below you can find general compounds we have and countless extended formulations by changing mixing ratio.

TDI/MDI/PPDI/NDI+ polyether

TDI/MDI/PPDI/NDI + polyester



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