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Introduction of TPU hardness
Views: 6 | Update Date: Apr 08 , 2021

  Hardness is an indicator of the ability of a material to resist deformation, nicks and scratches. TPU hardness is usually measured by Shore A and Shore D hardness testers. Shore A is used for softer TPU and Shore D is used for harder TPU. Due to the nature of the block copolymer TPU determines its...

The general introduction of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
Views: 9 | Update Date: Mar 31 , 2021

As an elastomer, TPU is a material between rubber and plastic. This can be seen from its rigidity. The rigidity of TPU can be measured by its elastic modulus.   The elastic modulus of rubber is usually 1-10MPa, TPU is 10-1000MPa, and plastic (nylon, ABS, polycarbonate,...

Selection of Parting Surface of Polyurethane Casting Mould
Views: 11 | Update Date: Mar 25 , 2021

The selection of parting surface is the key to the design of various mold structures. Whether the parting surface is selected reasonably or not is directly related to the product quality, the convenience of mold loading and unloading, and the cost of mold processing.   The requirements for...

Why cast polyurethane products have size shrinkage?
Views: 12 | Update Date: Mar 17 , 2021

  The size shrinkage of cast polyurethane products is mainly based on the following two reasons.   When the pouring material changes from liquid to solid, the molecular cohesion increases, which makes the product size smaller.   The thermal expansion coefficient of the...

Common materials and main properties of cast polyurethane molds
Views: 14 | Update Date: Mar 12 , 2021

Common materials and main properties of cast polyurethane molds   Common materials and main properties When selecting mold materials, consider the source of the material, the price, and the size of the product batch. For large batches of products, high-quality materials should be selected; mold materials for...

Mold design of casting polyurethane products
Views: 96 | Update Date: Mar 02 , 2021

Processing CPU elastomer products is inseparable from the mold. For processing methods such as normal pressure casting and pressure molding, which are often used, the requirements for molds are also different. For normal pressure open casting molding, since external pressure is not required, the strength of the...

Coloring of Casting Polyurethane
Views: 46 | Update Date: Feb 23 , 2021

CPU coloring   Adding coloring agent to polyurethane cast elastomer can make colorful products. In addition to giving people intuitive enjoyment, it can also play a role in shielding the darkening of color quality caused by the use of oligomer polyols and aromatic diisocyanates. The colorant can be...

Process selection of different polyurethane and metal bonding
Views: 64 | Update Date: Feb 01 , 2021

Process selection of different polyurethane and metal bonding   To make the product easier to remove from the mold, a release agent is required. Be extremely careful when using release agents. Generally, it is not recommended to use silicone oil. Avoid squeezing the release agent onto the...

Bonding of casting polyurethane and metal
Views: 66 | Update Date: Jan 27 , 2021

 In most polyurethane casting products such as rubber rollers, solid wheels, couplings, ceramic molds, liners, sieve plates, etc., the adhesion of casting polyurethane and metal is involved. Therefore, the problem of adhesion between casting polyurethane and metal must be solved in production. When bonding...

Potting and coating polyurethane products
Views: 69 | Update Date: Jan 19 , 2021

Potting and coating polyurethane products Because of its low viscosity and good fluidity, CPU can be cured at room temperature. In some areas, it gradually replaces brittle epoxy resin and low-strength silicone rubber with poor adhesion.   For example, the potting of the washing machine...

Pressure casting molding method and molded urethane products
Views: 86 | Update Date: Dec 30 , 2020

  The pressure molding method is suitable for mass production of products with stricter size requirements or the upper part is usually not flat. It is a commonly used method in the production of cast products. Inject the mixed rubber material into the mold, stay for a period of time, and close the mold...

Open casting molding polyurethane
Views: 96 | Update Date: Dec 22 , 2020

Open casting molding polyurethane   Open casting molding method is the simplest and most commonly used molding method. In this method, the mixture of prepolymer and chain extender is poured into an open mold preheated to 80-120°C and coated with a release agent. After normal pressure vulcanization...

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