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Water Resistance of different urethane chapter 1
Views: 143 | Update Date: Dec 04 , 2023

Polyether urethane prepolymers combine the physical properties characteristic of high quality urethanes with excellent resistance to hydrolysis 一five to ten times that of polyester-based urethanes. This has been demonstrated by laboratory immersion tests and confirmed by field tests. Ester urethanes appear to...

Shanghai Pepsen participated in CeMAT ASIA 2023
Views: 133 | Update Date: Nov 09 , 2023

  Recently Shanghai Pepsen polyurethane Products Co., Ltd. also actively participated in CeMAT ASIA (International logistics Exhibition), as a cast polyurethane elastomer manufacturers, there are many related products in the logistics industry, although in some areas although not our strengths, but does not...

What causes polyurethane to turn yellow and hydrolyze?
Views: 157 | Update Date: Oct 17 , 2023

1) About the discoloration of polyurethane Polyurethanes can become darker by absorbing ultraviolet or lighting light, a phenomenon known as yellowing. However, it does not affect its physical properties, and please fully understand when using. 2) Hydrolysis characteristics...

The structure of polyurethane coated roller
Views: 188 | Update Date: Sep 12 , 2023

The structure of polyurethane coated roller Polyurethane coated roller usually includes three parts: roller core, rubber layer and surface treatment. The roll core is the body of the polyurethane coated roller, usually made of metal or plastic. The rubber layer is an important part of the...

Application of Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings
Views: 199 | Update Date: Aug 24 , 2023

With the development of science and technology, the current copper strip, aluminum strip enterprises and non-ferrous metal coils often change the configuration of the slitter round knife, composite polyurethane slitter spacer ring and distance ring on the slitter machine due to the change of specifications and...

Structure and principle of polyurethane roller for mecanum wheel
Views: 234 | Update Date: Jul 11 , 2023

The mecanum wheel is a device that can move in all directions. This all-round movement is based on the principle of a center wheel with many axles located around the wheel. These angular peripheral axles convert part of the steering force of the wheel into a normal force of the wheel. Depending on the direction...

Why does the size of polyurethane vary so much?
Views: 201 | Update Date: Jul 06 , 2023

  Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and customization of polyurethane elastomer products, customer satisfaction has maintained a high level. However, recently our sales engineer of polyurethane isostatic pressure mold received a complaint from a...

We are successfully get "high-tech enterprise Certificate"
Views: 217 | Update Date: Jun 29 , 2023

Good news! Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd. successfully passed the joint review of Shanghai Department of Finance, Shanghai Tax Bureau and other departments, we are officially awarded as a "high-tech enterprise" (certificate number: GR202231004307). Since 2004,...

Very, very excited to share that we won a bid of Polyurethane Vulkollan drive wheels from National Coal Corporation.
Views: 237 | Update Date: Apr 19 , 2023

Working enviroment It is well-known that mining machinery usually works in the environment with high temperature, water, dust and various mineral substances. Besides, heavy load capacities also cause mining machinery to endure dramatic impact and wear on...

We successfully become qualified supplier of a world's Fortune 500 Company. | Polyurethane tapered roller for airport belt curve conveyor pulley
Views: 254 | Update Date: Feb 16 , 2023

  In past one year, we have cooperated with a Fortune 500 company about polyurethane tapered roller used as drive pulley and idler pulley for airport belt curve conveyor. Our company has passed the customer's strict factory audit. Customer is also very satisfied with our product quality, price and...

The Development of Polyurethane Rubber Rollers
Views: 384 | Update Date: May 02 , 2022

The application of domestic polyurethane rubber rollers began in the early 1980s, and the market demand has increased since then. The spare parts of polyurethane rubber rollers in the equipment introduced in papermaking, steel, printing and dyeing, textile and other industries are in urgent need of localization....

Correctly Treat the Processing and Manufacturing of the Urethane Covered Roller Core
Views: 388 | Update Date: Apr 25 , 2022

In the 1940s and 1950s ,in order to ensure the urethane quality of the urethane layer , a through hole was machined on the end faces of the two shafts of the roller core. On the one hand, it was used for the exhaust of the shaft head; during the process, steam can enter, and the heating is fast and uniform. In...

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