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Polyurethane is becoming more and more popular in many industries all over the world. As the leading manufacturer of custom molded polyurethane, we proceed projects following procedures below:



Mold Design

Mold design is one of the most important procedures of producing high quality molded polyurethane product. As part of our production procedures, our sales engineers will discuss with customers to know about fully working condition of products, potential quantity, target tolerance and cost, lead time and service life they expect, then decide what type of mold processing method is best suitable to the product. After we settle the processing method, our engineering department then creates production drawings for machining for the mold.



Cast Urethane Formulations Design

Our Engineering and Sales engineers can assist you to select correct compound and formulation to fit your requirement of quality and cost.


Working Environment Considerations:

Abrasion resistant

Load Capacity

Oil and Chemical Resistance

Solvent resistance

Working Temperature

Hydrolysis resistance

Fire retardancy



Mildew resistance



Coefficient of friction


Prototyping Process

We manufacture a prototype with no or little mold cost. 

Prototype Testing. We usually provide several different formulas to our customers who design a new products and cannot describe detailed requirements they expect.

After we get feedback from customer, we will make changes to the compound or design accordingly.