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ball throw polyurethane pitching wheelsShanghai Pepsen manufactures Polyurethane coated wheels used as spinning wheels for ball throwing/ pitching machine as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. It is normally made up of aluminum core, nylon hub or hard PU hub, soft PU tread, Hardness of PU can be customized as well as color.


What is Polyurethane spinning wheels?

Ball throwing/ pitching machine is widely used in training for sports such as tennis, softball and baseball. The PU coated wheel is one of most key parts of this machine, because it needs a tread to withstand the day-to-day tough using of a ball pitching machine. The speed of spinning is around 6000-12000RPM, so it require light weight, high concentricity, lowest heat build-up and best abrasion resistance.


What are advantages of what is Polyurethane spinning wheels?

Excellent impact resistance

Excellent flexibility

Excellent abrasion resistance

Low build-up heat

UV resistance


How to design Polyurethane spinning wheels?

To create the customized PU spinning wheel, we used three material: an aluminum core to provide mounting stability, a hard urethane or nylon inner hub to reduce weight and material costs, and a softer outer PU tread.

The wheel is needed to be lightweight. A machined light-weight aluminum hub would have been cost-effective and would weigh too much.


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Ball Throw Polyurethane Spinning Wheels for Pitching Machine
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