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How does Pepsen make Polyurethane Round Rod?

Polyurethane Round Rods can be casted or extruded of which Pepsen can do both, however, when diameter is bigger and hardness is lower than 70A, casting will be the only choice, not to say if high physical properties are required. Pepsen make Polyurethane Round Rods in big diameter by using stocked open casting molds. Open cast molding is good for rods with loose tolerances. If tolerances are tighter, post-machining will be required.

Compression molding is used to make small-diameter Polyurethane Round Rod. Molds is more expensive than those used in open casting, but with tight tolerance.


What are applications of Polyurethane Round Rod?

Polyurethane Round Rod is usually machined into different shapes to meet requirements below:

Spring and stripper in punching

Pressure cylinder in bulging application

Shock absorber

Bumpers, washer, seal, gasket and Spacers

Automotive suspension bushing

Sound Dampeners

Solid rollers & wheels

Roller/wheel sleeves

Machining method of polyurethane is different from rubber, plastic and metal. It’s not very easy to machine polyurethane to the very fine tolerances if you are not familiar with it.

If customer has difficult to machine them, our in-house and full set machining can offer good quality with low cost.



Why Use Pepsen Polyurethane Round Rod?

Pepsen manufactures prepolymer by herself, so we can adjust hardness easily without plasticizer. The plasticizer is never used here because it is bad to quality and will dissolve out after a while. That is why hardness changes greatly after sea shipping that always confuses some PU factories and customers.

We use raw materials from work-famous company, other than cheaper urethane. In this case, Pepsen only sell high performance cost ratio Polyurethane Round Rod, cheaper is never what we pursue and will never last long.

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