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Cast Molded Urethane Wear PartsShanghai Pepsen manufactures various urethane wear parts by casting mold.


What are the advantages of PU wear parts?

PU is an elastomer with great strength. One of its most advantages is its resistance to chemicals, pressure, swelling, cracking and abrasion.


Urethane Wear Parts vs. Rubber Parts

Urethane outperforms rubber in cut and tear resistance. It has a much higher tensile strength and load capacity than rubber. It is common that PU have a service life seven to ten times longer than steel or rubber.

Cast polyurethane parts simply work better and more efficiently than rubber parts. They have superior vibrational absorption capacities and are still able to maintain all of the desirable properties of their rubber parts.


How are urethane wear parts used?

Hopper and Chute Liners

Classifier shoes

Spray nozzles

Snow plow cutting edges

Conveyor scrapers

Doctor blades and industrial squeegees.

Ceramic and ceramic impregnated liners

Full sheets or expanded metal back

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Cast Molded Urethane Wear Parts
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