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What is polyurethane elastomer sheet?

Polyurethane sheet is divided into polyurethane elastomer sheet, polyurethane foam sheet and polyurethane film. Polyurethane elastomer sheet is made of thermoset polyurethane sheet and usually it is made by centrifugal machine or horizontal oven depending on thickness.


Pepsen has been manufacturing polyurethane elastomer sheet since 1996 when polyurethane was introduced into China, they are used as pad, liner or be water-jet cut into different shapes such as seal/gasket/disc.


There are two centrifugal machines and over 20 horizontal ovens in Pepsen that enables us making polyurethane elastomer sheet with precise thickness and short lead time.


How hard is polyurethane elastomer sheet Pepsen can make?

One of polyurethane advantages is wide hardness, the ranges covers partial hardness for both rubber and plastic. We are proud to say we can make polyurethane elastomer sheet with the hardness ranging from Shore0A-98A-80D, most of urethane companies from Western countries cannot cover this.

If you have no idea of hardness for your sheet, just inform applications and working condition, our experience engineer staff will assist selecting suitable polyurethane hardness and compound for your application.



How many polyurethane formulation and compounds Pepsen can provide and what they are?

We not only make prepolymer by ourselves but also purchase prepolymer on customer request. We can make polyurethane elastomer sheet using following formulations.

TDI/MDI/PPDI/NDI+ polyether

TDI/MDI/PPDI/NDI + polyester






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