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Urethane rubber sheet is called so because urethane can cover all hardness of rubber, while the abrasion resistance is about 10 time of natural rubber, so sometime people will call it wear resistance rubber.


What kinds of custom Urethane Rubber Sheets can Pepsen make?

Polyurethane sheet stock available in wide hardness(Shore 5A-98A-80D)and any color. Pepsen can cast Urethane Rubber Sheets up to 2 meters by 4 meters. Tight tolerance urethane sheet can be achieved by precision custom centrifugal machine and strict quality control. Hardness will not change after long term transportation and storage.



Can Pepsen make high-performance polyurethane sheet?

High-performance urethane sheets are designed for applications requiring super abrasion resistance, high working temperature, or low built-up heat.

Pepsen can make both economical urethane rubber sheet and high performance one such as Vulkollan equivalent sheet, antistatic urethane sheet, lubricity, UV stabilized, flame retardant,.


Can Pepsen manufacture very thin and very thick urethane rubber sheet?

We cast urethane by hand or by machine or by both at same time , urethane rubber sheet can be casted as thick as to 1 meters, we are proud to say we have not seen any company in the world can make this.

We can also make thin polyurethane sheet as thin as to 1mm with tight tolerance. 

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