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What does “wear” mean?

Wear is simply described as the deforming of a component or loss of material when a part is moving or rubbing on another part. Wear also happens when two materials slide with each other under load. This wear occurs in devices such as rotating motor against shat.

Three types of wear we normally see and Urethane wear sheet is frequently used on first condition

      Abrasive wear

      Fatigue wear

      Adhesive wear


 How does Pepsen test wear resistance?

In Pepsen, the standard laboratory is equipped with abrasion loss testing machine and we test standard samples in different formulations and hardness. We have full records of abrasion loss dates for over 300 PU compounds. That gives us enough date in theory to offer suggestion to customer.


However, all these test methods and machines have their limitations and don’t give us a fully accurate simulation for really working condition and it is indeed difficult to accurately re-creating the environments In real applications, variables such as lubricants, moisture, temperature fluctuations and the quality of machining can defect the actual wear resistance of a material as well. Our experienced engineers with fully knowledge can offer suggestion to make up this limitations.


What kinds of PU Wear Sheet can Pepsen make?

PU Wear Sheet stock available in wide hardness (Shore 5A-98A-80D) and any color. Pepsen can cast Sheet up to 2 meters by 4 meters. We not only make PU wear sheet by 100% PU , but also sheet with metal backing that is widely used in grain convoying system.

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Cast PU Wear Sheet
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