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Polyurethane Wheels

 Solid PU WheelsShanghai Pepsen manufactures custom PU solid wheel as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. It is normally made up of mental core/hub and solid cast PU elastomer tread, hardness can be customized as well as color.


What is custom PU solid wheel?

PU solid wheel is called so comparing to traditional inflatable wheel, it is widely used on harsh condition such as mines, industrial factories and quarries.

Rubber has been the preferred material for tire manufacturing industry, but wear resistance, tear resistance, bonding strength and service life is much lower than PU solid wheel. Besides, rolling resistance of PU tread is lower and reduce fuel consumption.


What are advantages of PU solid wheel?

100% casting PU elastomer

Low compression set

High load capacity

Tear resistance

Excellent impact resistance

Excellent abrasion resistance

Low build-up heat

Non marking


Which applications can PU solid wheel be used for?

Low speed, high load forklift wheel

Pallet truck wheel

Mining tires

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Casting Solid PU Wheels
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