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Characteristics of polyurethane rubber roller

Views: 473 Update date: Sep 24,2021

polyurethane rubber rollerCharacteristics of polyurethane rubber roller


1. Polyurethane rubber roller has a sufficient surface viscosity, which ensures that the rubber roller has good ink and ink performance during printing, which can ensure high quality printing.


2. The appearance is bright, and the colloidal surface is fine and smooth, the colloidal material and the mandrel are adhered to firmly. The rubber roller is strictly controlled, and the size does not change under different temperatures and humidity conditions. It is possible to adapt to the high temperature and high humidity environment in the southern printing workshop and the climatic conditions of the northern severe and dry.


3. Polyurethane rubber roller is well chemical, suitable for various types of inks and printing methods. The solvent components in various inks, moisturizing solutions, and cleaning agents are particularly resistant. The polyurethane rubber roller is also suitable for the UV ink roller and the upper oil rubber roller, etc., particularly to boiling water, diesel, gasoline, lubricant, kerosene, toluene, alcohol, and brine solution there is good solvent resistance. However, no acetone, ethyl acetate and strong acid base.

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