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Comparison of TPU and rubber load capacity 

Views: 47 Update date: Apr 15,2021

This test is carried out on TPU wheels and rubber wheels of the same size and same deformation. The purpose is to compare the load capacity of the two elastomers.


The hardness is Shore D15D70, and the "equivalent load index" is calculated from the compression modulus of rubber and elastomer, which is the relative load capacity. For example, if the TPU wheel of Shore 40D is used to replace the rubber wheel of Shore 62A (20D), under the same deformation, the load capacity of TPU is 4.4 times that of rubber. Of course, the load of TPU can be reached by using the rubber wheel of Shore 40D, but It does not have the other properties of 40DTPU such as elongation at break, elasticity and so on.

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