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Urethane Fingerboard WheelShanghai Pepsen manufactures urethane fingerboard wheel with or without bearing as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is usually Shore 70D but can be customized as well as color.


What is urethane fingerboard wheel?

Urethane fingerboard wheel is used to replace old and plastic wheel used on fingerboard wheel.

70D Urethane is very hard, but it does not feel like the “hard” of plastic, it combines elastic feel of rubber. This advantages makes urethane an ideal choice for fingerboard wheel which make fingerboard more dynamic.

PEPSEN fingerboard Wheels are made of polyurethane or called urethane in North America. Just like real skate board wheel, hardness and colors can be customized for different roads.


What are advantages of urethane fingerboard wheel?

Molded wheels save machining cost

Tiny Writings can be molded

Made of application specific formulated based polyurethane, durable but not “plastic” feel

High performance polyurethane

Hardness and color can be customized for different projects

Durable and easy to install

Super-fast bearings included


How does urethane fingerboard wheel work?

Urethane fingerboard wheels with bearing are screwed on the appropriate axels, shock absorbing urethane wheel as well as high quality bearing makes the smooth and silent running of fingerboard

Pepsen Urethane has been professionally formulated and perfected to create a truly unique feeling under your fingers.

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Custom 70D Urethane Fingerboard Wheel with Bearing
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