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Polyurethane Roller

Since 1996, Pepsen has been fabricating various industrial rollers from polyurethane rubber. Custom cast polyurethane rollers or custom molded polyurethane rubber rollers are what we usually called them.


Polyurethane Rubber Rollers

Cast polyurethane rollers are made by Pepsen from branded and quality polymers. Numerous toolings allow us to make hundreds of shapes and sizes of urethane rollers. Pepsen can manufacture drive roller, load roller, idler roller, conveyor belt rollers, pipe conveyor rollers, support rollers,pinch roller and many more. These polyurethane rollers can be made of differing measurements, colors and hardness ranging from Shore 5A to 80D materials.


Advantages of Polyurethane Rubber Rollers

Polyurethane is a versatile elastomer widely used in almost every applications worldwide. Polyurethane products show lots of advantages over other rubbers and plastics – it is stronger, tougher, more durable,.

Polyurethane’s mechanical properties can be adjusted by changing raw material, formulation and additives, which creates unlimited possibilities to solve problems.

Other advantages :

Precision Finishing

High Polish

Superior Bonding

Durable / Resilient

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Custom Cast Polyurethane Rubber Roller
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