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Polyurethane Strip

Polyurethane Wear Strip

Custom Cast Polyurethane Wear Strip- German and Japan Material, Made In CHINA


What are advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane Wear Strip?

Polyurethane Wear Strip provides much better properties comparing many other strip products.

More abrasion resistant than mild steel

Much higher impact resistance than many engineering plastics such as nylon

Much Lower compression set in comparison to rubber

Though resistance to aliphatic solvents and cold water are good, polyurethane is not recommended for applications involving exposure to STRONG acids and alkalis. Polyurethanes is also not recommended for temperatures above 160 degree C (intermittent +200°C).


How does Pepsen make Polyurethane Wear Strip?

Polyurethane Wear Strip can be casted or machined or extruded of which Pepsen can do all, however, when thickness is bigger and hardness is over 70A, casting will be the only choice, not to say if high physical properties are required. Pepsen make Polyurethane Wear Strip using both hand casting and centrifugal casting, depending on hardness, dimensions and formulation. Machining process is required for centrifugal casting and only suitable to hard polyurethane.


Which application and industries is polyurethane Wear Strip used for?

Polyurethane Wear Strip is custom made from high-quality material in wide hardness range and many color options. Polyurethane Wear Strip are frequently used as belt, skirt, curtain, blade, scraper and squeegee.

Screen printing

Floor cleaning

Material handling and transmission

Coal mining

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Custom Cast Polyurethane Wear Strip
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