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Polyurethane Washers

Custom Cast Urethane WasherShanghai Pepsen manufactures standard and custom urethane washers as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally 40A-70D, but can vary as well as color. 


What are the types of urethane washers?

Washers usually come as thin and flat disc with a central hole. Depending on the intermediary material, washers can be used to distribute the load such as a screw or a nut, reduce vibration and noise, prevent corrosion of oil and chemical, or be applied as a spacer, spring, wear pad, locking device, or seal.

There are generally three types of urethane washers: flat washers, spring washers, and locking washers.

Plain/flat washers distribute the weight to keep the surface from being damaged or to provide electrical insulation.

Spring washers are flexible enough to prevent a fastening from loosening due to intense vibration.

A locking washer can also act as a spring washer; locking washers prevent materials (like a nut/bolt) from coming loose.


What are advantages of urethane washers?

Perfect sealing material

Much better abrasion resistance than rubber

Impact and shock absorption.

Oil and chemical resistant

Reduce noise significantly.

Excellent cut resistance.

Many tools in stock to avoid high tooling cost.


What applications for urethane washers?

Urethane washers are widely used in varied industries and applications, they are very useful when assembling mechanical parts using bolts and nuts. Urethane washers are famous for their high tear strength, excellent wear resistance, and very suitable for sealing and cushioning. Used in a variety of industries including punching die, drinking water, electrical and automotive, urethane washers are small, but very important to the function of many engineering applications.

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Custom Cast Urethane Washer
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