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Urethane Wear PadCustom Cast Urethane Wear Pad- German and Japan Material, Made In CHINA


Which application and industries is Urethane Wear Padused for?

Urethane Wear Pad is custom made from high-quality material in wide hardness range and many color options. Urethane Wear Pads are frequently used to withstand big forces to expand the life of machinery. It is widely used as PU impact pad, wear pad, die pad, vibration pads, bearing pads, urethane stripper pads, urethane forming pads and crossover pads.



Material handling


Punch and forming die


Coal mining

Steel plant



What are advantages of Urethane Wear Pad?

PU is often used as a replacement for plastic and rubber components and provides an obvious upgrade

over the traditional material. Polyurethane has much best resistance to wear and can out last NR by as

much as 8-10 times. Another advantage is the high load capacity and low compression set, Polyurethane

will exceed rubber and plastic which will often crack while being used. Urethane Wear Pad is easy to be machined as

plastic and offers a wider variety of hardness range and color options.


Why Use Pepsen Urethane Wear Pad?

Pepsen has been manufacturing PU pad since 1996, so we have many stocked moulds and colorants for

you to choose. The manufacturing process such as mixing, demoing and post curing are tightly controlled,

curing time and temperature are key points that will not be applied on cheaper pads.

However, Pepsen has full records of prepolymer manufacturing, operation, curing and inspection which

assure quality and traceability.

Pepsen uses high quality polyurethane material from world leading chemical suppliers to produce Urethane Wear Pad with excellent physical properties for roughest working environment.

Pepsen also bonds urethane to metal pad.


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Custom Cast Urethane Wear Pad
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