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Polyurethane Tube

Polyurethane Rubber Cylinder

Since 1996, PEPSEN Polyurethane manufactures massive standard and custom cast Polyurethane Rubber Cylinder with custom hardness, formulations, dimensions and colors.

ü  In-house prepolymer manufacturing

ü  Custom formulation to replace Austrian Polyurethane semi-finished tube /rod for hydraulic seal machining

ü  Hardness ranging from Shore 5A to 98A to 80D (very flexible as rubber band to very hard as bowling ball).

ü  Ester or Ether based.

ü  Little or no mold fee is required as we have most of them in stock.

ü  Over 30 stocked color options and customized colors available.

ü  In House Machining Services to hold tight tolerances after casting.



Which Application Specific Urethane Formulation Can We Offer?

ü  Abrasion resistant

ü  High rebound

ü  Low compression set

ü  High load capacity

ü  High temperature

ü  Excellent dynamic mechanical formulation

ü  Oil resistance

ü  Hydrolysis resistance

ü  Fire retardancy , anti-static, antioxidant, mildew resistance, anti-aging, lubrication and many more

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Custom Durable Polyurethane Rubber Cylinder
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