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Shanghai Pepsen manufactures Custom Molded Polyurethane Cable Clamp Blocks as per customer requirements including drawings or samples, hardness  and working environment.


What Is Custom Molded Polyurethane Cable Clamp Blocks?

Literally, it is polyurethane block used to clamping cable. They usually have holes, grooves or other shapes, for mounting different cables. Hardness, color, shapes and formulation can be customized according to needs and working environment. Many additives such as fire retardant and anti-static agent can be mixed with compounds to meet specific working condition.


What are Advantages of Custom Molded Polyurethane Cable Clamp Blocks?

Made of durable polyurethane

Impact, tear and abrasion resistant

Will not split under tension

Good resistant to many chemicals and fuels

Easy for installation


Which application and industries is Custom Molded Polyurethane Cable Clamp Blocks?

Cables and pipelines are normally vulnerable and costly (underground, underwater)

The main function is to fix the cable, make it stable, and protect it from being damaged, it is also helpful to identification and marking.

They are widely used on marine and offer industry, helicopter, fishing industry and machining industry. 

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Custom Molded Polyurethane Cable Clamp Blocks
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