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Custom Polyurethane Membrane For Inline Check Valves Backflow Preventer

Polyurethane membrane is a critical component used in Inline check valve that is installed within a pipeline to prevent backflow of fluid. It is commonly used in drains to prevent floods by ensuring that water or other liquids cannot flow back into the system. Shanghai Pepsen works closely with Inline check valve company providing membrane made of polyurethane with excellent hydrolysis resistance.


Flexible polyurethane creates excellent sealing function tightly reversing flow protection and preventing backflow flooding, odor, sand, pests and small animals.

Excellent hydrolysis resistance and weather resistance ensure long lifespan.

Stops backflow effectively in low flow conditions

Only slightly physical properties change in 10 years

The amazing abrasion resistance leads to extremely low headloss

Low maintenance costs

Large-size membrane can be customized

Taking the advantages of low mold cost of casting polyurethane and large casting equimpments Shanghai Pepsen accumulated in past 20 years, we are capable of developing large size and tall membrane which will make Inline check valve Company accomplish both big and small projects.

Unique polyurethane that provides at least 20 years of protection

The unique polyurethane material used in the inline check valve provides exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring at least 20 years of reliable protection. This material is highly resilient and resistant to corrosion, acids, and other harsh substances that may be present in the fluid passing through the valve.

The polyurethane material offers excellent flexibility and memory, ensuring that the valve remains sealed tightly even under varying pressure and temperature conditions. It also has excellent abrasion resistance, which helps to prevent wear and tear, further extending the lifespan of the valve.

By utilizing this high-quality polyurethane material, the inline check valve provides a cost-effective solution for long-term pipeline protection, with minimal maintenance requirements. It offers a robust and reliable solution for preventing backflow and maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of pipeline systems.

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Custom Polyurethane Membrane For Inline Check Valves Backflow Preventer
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