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Polyurethane Outlet and Inlet ConeCustom Polyurethane Outlet and Inlet Cone

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures Custom polyurethane outlet cone and inlet cone as per customer requirements such as hardness, drawing and working environment. Hardness is normally Shore 5A-80D, but can be customized as well as color.


What is custom polyurethane outlet cone and inlet cone?

PU outlet cone and inlet cone are widely use in hydro cyclone industry and Oxygen generator industry.  

The ones on the photos are used as joint parts, they works under long-time impact of abrasive and absorb up the shock that can damage the steel parts.


What are advantages of PU outlet cone and inlet cone?

Suitable for pumping with high corrosion

Idea for the most difficult wear applications

Dimensional accuracy

Chemical and solvent resistant

Water resistance

Noise abatement


Are there other custom polyurethane hydro cyclone liners products?

- Spigot housing

- Vortex Finders

- Feed Chamber Liner

- Overflow Pipes Liner

- Cover Plate Liner

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Custom Polyurethane Outlet and Inlet Cone
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