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Polyurethane Round Rubber Bumper

With our over 20 years’ experience of producing custom polyurethane products, Pepsen made custom polyurethane bumpers in various shapes and sizes. Custom urethane bumpers can be used in many industry such as car die punching, floor scale, and elevator. Drawing, sketch, or sample parts and description of working environment will would help our experienced engineer choose suitable and economical polyurethane for your application.


What Is Polyurethane Bumper?

Polyurethane is the ideal material for Shock Absorption and Vibration Damping

A “shock” happens when two things collide. The energy created can cause damage to the affected items and ultimately, cause downtime and waste. Polyurethane Bumper is used to reduce this damage and protect involved items.

Our in-house capabilities as well as our wide range experience of many industries enables us to provide impact resistant custom polyurethane bumpers while maintaining the quality control and cost effectiveness our customers require.


How Are Polyurethane Bumper Used?

Pepsen manufacture many kinds of Urethane Bumpers including Urethane Snow Plow Bumpers, Urethane Gun Recoil Bumpers, Urethane Dock Bumpers,, Urethane Boat Bumpers, Urethane Dampening Bumpers, Polyurethane Bumper Pads, Custom Shaped Urethane Bumpers. Counter bored Urethane Bumpers, Threaded Urethane Bumpers, Square Polyurethane Bumpers


What are Advantages of Polyurethane Bumper?

Combined advantages of Rubber and Plastic

Abrasion Resistance

Oil and Chemical Resistance

Easy Manufacturing Process

Productions such as prototypes as well as one time order, polyurethane bumpers or one-time parts are often manufactured using polyurethanes.

Polyurethane Resilience

Polyurethanes are the perfect choice for elastomer applications that can absorb shock. They have a high vibration frequency or outstanding ability for quick recovery. Their remarkable resilience ensures polyurethanes are very tough materials and an excellent choice for urethane bumpers.

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Custom Polyurethane Round Rubber Bumper
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