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Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings per customer requirement (drawings or samples).

Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Ring provides excellent cutl and wear resistance and can be very cost-effective. 


What is Polyurethane Slitter Spacer Rings?

Polyurethane slitter spacer rings are important parts of slitting line. These rings are used to keep a uniform and defined distance between the rotary slitting knives of the slitter cutter.

What are advantages of Anti-static Urethane Rollers?

 Excellet cut and brasion resistance

 Tight dimensional tolerance

 Can be molded and bonded onto steel rings.

 No or little tooling cost

Available in various hardness, color and size

How does PEPSEN make polyurethane slitter spacers?

Polyurethane slitter spacers are made in 100% polyurethane or polyurethane bonded to a metal ring.In conjunction with good abrasion resistance they offer a highly effective stripping method. A specialprotective coating of the steel core can prevent rust.

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