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What are advantages of PU?
PU offers much better abrasion and tear resistance than rubbers, while offering higher load bearing capacity. 

PU offer superior impact resistance and elastic memory comparing to plastic..

PU have replaced metals parts such as sleeve bearings, wear plates, sprockets, rollers, and various other parts, with benefits such as weight reduction, noise abatement.

Great abrasion resistance, 8-10 times of NR

Oil and solvent resistant

High Load capacity

Tear resistant

Excellent noise abatement properties

Excellent mechanical properties

High rebound to 70%


What are advantages of PU Round Bar?

PU Round Rod is often used as a replacement for plastic and rubber components and provides an obvious upgrade over the traditional material. Polyurethane has much best resistance to wear and can out last NR by as much as 8-10 times. Another advantage is the high load capacity and low compression set, Polyurethane will exceed rubber and plastic which will often crack while being used. Urethane rod stock is as easy to machine as plastic and offers a wider variety of hardness range and color options.


Why Use Pepsen PU Round Bar?

Pesen has been manufacturing PU Round Bar since 1996, so we have many stocked moulds and colorants for you to choose. The manufacturing process such as mixing, demoing and post curing are tightly controlled, curing time and temperature are key points that will not be applied on cheaperbars.

However, Pepsen has full records of prepolymer manufacturing, operation, curing and inspection which assure quality and traceability.

Pepsen manufactures prepolymer by herself, so we can adjust hardness easily without plasticizer. The plasticizer is never used in Pepsen because it is bad to quality and will dissolve out after a while. That is why hardness changes greatly after sea shipping that always confuses some PU factories and customers.

We use raw materials from work-famous company, other than cheaper urethane. In this case, Pepsen only sell high performance cost ratio Polyurethane solid Rod, cheaper is never what we pursue and will never last long.

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