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Development of Polyurethane V Guide Wheel

Views: 186 Update date: Oct 09,2019

Polyurethane elastomer products are used as variPolyurethane V guide wheel ous industrial accessories in different industries. They have the general characteristics of wear resistance, good elasticity, corrosion resistance and low noise. They can also be customized according to customer's requirements for antistatic, adsorptive, friction and suitable for products in different environments.


Polyurethane V guide wheel is used for mining machinery and equipment, automatic production line, warehouse and other equipment accessories, with specific operating speed and bearing capacity requirements. When running, the special requirements of high friction, high wear resistance, water resistance, low temperature resistance and no slag fall are required. Hardness requirements Shore A95 or so, this product manufacturing requirements and processing requirements are relatively high.


Urethane V guide wheel  is also widely used in mining machinery, construction machinery, steel pipe distribution and other industries. Our company can also customize all kinds of products with corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance, different color and hardness according to the actual use environment of customers. The properties of the products produced by different polyurethane raw materials, different formulations and different processes are quite different. The production of this kind of encapsulated products is rather complicated. First, according to the use environment and physical properties of the products provided by customers, the laboratory of our company makes small sample testing and comparison, determines the formulation and formulation process, and then goes into formal production after passing the proofing. Entering the production process requires more than ten processes and strict process flow. Through 20 years of experience and strict quality control, our company has produced a variety of PU V-type guide wheel to help users solve many design and construction problems.

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