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Fire Retardant Polyurethane Wear Liner SheetShanghai Pepsen manufactures fire retardant polyurethane parts as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness ranges from Shore5A-98A-80D, and color can be customized..


What is oxygen index of polyurethane?

Oxygen index and fire retardant are two ways used to measure fire retardant of materials. Oxygen index refers to the concentration of oxygen required for the material to reach the ignition point. Generally speaking, the higher the oxygen index of the material, the higher the oxygen concentration required for ignition, the less likely it will be ignited. On the contrary, the material with low oxygen index can easily reach the ignition point at low oxygen concentration, so it can easily be ignited. It is generally believed that materials with oxygen index less than 21 belong to flammable materials, those with oxygen index less than 21 belong to flame retardant materials, and those with oxygen index less than 27 belong to flame retardant materials, and those with oxygen index greater than 28 belong to flame retardant materials.

Polyurethane material is an organic polymer with carbon-carbon bond as its basic structure. It is classified as flammable material itself. Oxygen index is around 26, but after adding fire retardant additives, oxygen index can reach 36, it can be used to make flame retardant polyurethane parts.


What is fire retardant polyurethane and UL-94?

UL-94 is the another standard to measure the fire retardant UL-94 vertical combustion experiment can more simulate the situation of fire scene, and the result is more reliable than oxygen index. This is why in real life, UL94 is generally used as the standard of flame retardant certification for various commodities.


Which applications can fire retardant polyurethane be used as?

Grain chute wear liner sheet

Protective tube

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Fire Retardant Polyurethane Wear Liner Sheet
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