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Flanged polyurethane rail wheelFlanged polyurethane rail wheel for electric automobile assembly line


Wheel rim: #45 iron, SS314, 40CR, Q235,

Wheel tread: Mitsubishi, BASF or BAYER, NDI-formulated polyurethane

Hardness: Shore 95A or customized

Color: customized color – normal polyurethane, yellow brown-high performance NDI formulated polyurethane


What is flanged polyurethane rail wheel?

Flanged polyurethane rail wheel is used to convey heavy automobile parts such as chassis, side panels, components etc. An even load distribution on all rollers is achieved by the elastic polyurethane running surface, low compression polyurethane can provide the deformation of the running surface does not exceed +/- 2mm/m.

Flanged polyurethane rail wheel is often used in welding workshop or painting workshop of automobile production line. It is used for the transportation of car body in white and the storage and transportation of car body in air storage line of welding workshop. Its characteristics are: wear resistance, noise reduction applicable to various production lines, fast conveying speed, high positioning accuracy, and close relationship with fixtures.


What are advantages of flanged polyurethane rail wheel?

NDI polyurethane covered wheel bears heavy load and has good dynamic performance. The working environment temperature ranges from - 40 to + 120, sometimes up to + 130. Oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant; smooth operation; longer service life in practical use; color of rubber wheels is white or beige in the initial stage, with the increase of time and light, color gradually deepens to brown-red or brown-black. The change of appearance color does not affect the performance. No pigments is required to be added to NDI urethane wheels during the manufacturing process. The addition of pigments reduces the performance of the product to some degrees.


Shanghai Pepsen Polyurethane Co., Ltd. has been producing normal and NDI polyurethane wheels for a long time, which solves the shortcomings of easy degumming and wear, short service life and small load-bearing for customers, and greatly solves the cost of customer replacement and maintenance.
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Flanged Polyurethane Rail Wheels
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