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Heavy-duty Polyurethane Damper

Heavy-duty Polyurethane Elastomer Down Holder Damper

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures customized PU damper for car die as per customer requirements such as hardness, drawing and working environment. Hardness is normally Shore 0A-98A,-85D but can be customized as well as color.


What is polyurethane down holder damper?

The down holder damper is made of polyester based PU which provides a new solution in pressing tools to replaces overloaded PU springs.

Sheet metal forming is widely used in the automobile die industry with quick cycling speeds. When opening the press after the pressing process, the holding screws and the actual tool are required to be protected. Due to the increasing return stroke speeds, the forces on the down holder dampers have increased significantly and the traditional springs cannot meet the needs.


What are advantages of urethane down holder damper?

Noise abatement  

Impact resistance

Idea for the most difficult wear applications

Cut and tear resistance

Oil resistance,

Weather resistance and aging resistance

Superior bonding strength

Efficient work with higher cycle speeds

More design freedom when setting up new tools


Why you choose PEPSEN to make polyurethane down holder damper?

Many tools in stock, little tooling cost

Application specific formulations that meet needs for tough working conditions.

Hardness ranging from Shore 5A to 98A to 80D.

Ester or Ether based

Over 30 stocked color options and customized colors available.

Large inventory of various urethane spring and bumper

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Heavy-duty Polyurethane Elastomer Down Holder Damper
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