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Introduction of polyurethane lining

Views: 63 Update date: Dec 16,2020

There are many applications of CPU as lining of pipelines and equipment, such as lining of mud conveying pipeline, polishing machine lining, water pump lining, cyclone lining, ball mill lining, etc. The processing of the lining is generally made by pouring the lining object as the outer mold. The surface in contact with the glue must be well treated to bond well with the lining (see the adhesion of the CPU to the metal).


As far as shrinkage is concerned, the shrinkage of the lining is exactly the opposite of that of the rubber roller and rubber wheel, which not only increases the difficulty of demolding, but also causes the adhesive layer to peel off if you are not careful. The vulcanization time before demolding can be appropriately extended, and the processing temperature should be appropriately lower.


The lining can also be processed by centrifugal molding. The products processed by this method have good surface quality and bonding quality.

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