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Low temperature performance of polyurethane

Views: 232 Update date: Jun 02,2020

Low temperature performance polyurethanePolyurethane elastomers have good low temperature properties, mainly in the brittleness temperature is generally very low (- 70 ~ - 50 ), and some formulations (such as PCL-TDI-MOCA) are not even brittle at lower temperature. At the same time, a few varieties (such as PTMG-TDI-MOCA) have good low temperature elasticity. -The compression cold resistance coefficient of 45 can reach the level of 0.2-0.5. However, most varieties, especially some bulk varieties, such as general polyester elastomer, tend to crystallize at low temperature and have poor elasticity at low temperature. As a seal, it is easy to leak oil below - 20 . Table 6-20 lists the brittleness temperature and comparison of commonly used castable polyurethane elastomers for reference.


With the decrease of temperature, the hardness, tensile strength, tear strength and torsional rigidity of polyurethane elastomer increase significantly, while the rebound and elongation at break decrease.

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