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Molded Urethane DunnageShanghai Pepsen manufactures urethane dunnage as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally 5A-98A, but can vary as well as color.


What is urethane dunnage?

Custom cast polyurethane dunnages provide vibration and shock protection for vulnerable parts .

Urethane dunnage is used to hold and protect heavy-duty and fragile parts by absorbing energy during storage and transportation. The soft urethane dunnage part is normally used to cushion pieces made of glass or ceramic, hard durometer urethane dunnage parts are made so that a part can be held in a positive firmly. Besides, urethane dunnage can be used as fixtures, jigs, and kitting to reduce harm to workers.


What are advantages of urethane dunnage?

Sold urethane provide additional abrasion resistance

High load bearing capacity

Non marking

Longer service life

Noise abatement

Durable and reduce down time


Which applications can urethane dunnage be used for?

Automotive packing

Defense / Military

Heavy duty construction, trucking, and agricultural equipment


Lawn and power equipment


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Molded Urethane Dunnage
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