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Other key points in the use of polyurethane rubber rollers

Views: 93 Update date: Mar 29,2022

polyurethane rubber rollersSpinnability

In theory, polyurethane cots are suitable for spinning any variety, but it is recommended not to use them when spinning pure polyester, medium and long fibers and other varieties with large draft ratio and easy winding, which will cause damage to the cots; because the polyurethane cots When the temperature rise exceeds 70 °C, the molecular strength of rubber and its antistatic and anti-winding capabilities drop sharply, and the rubber roller is easily worn, squeezed or gnawed. In addition, it is not suitable to use polyurethane rubber rollers on high-speed draw frames with a drawing speed greater than 300 m/min.


Surface treatment

Compared with the nitrile rubber roller, the polyurethane rubber roller is not easy to absorb the coating, but after the two-component coating treatment of 1:5~1:8, the anti-winding property is obviously improved; it should be treated with ultraviolet light, but the lighting time and intensity should be Reasonable setting, because the rubber roller after cooling by ultraviolet light treatment has a better feel than when it is not illuminated, and the anti-winding effect is better when getting on the car.

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