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What is Polyurethane Solid Rod?

Polyurethane solid rod is called so compared to PU foam rod or PU hollow rod. Polyurethane solid rod is made of elastomer, with hardness ranging from Shore5A to 98A to 80D.The colorant can be mixed into raw material and it never fades or penetrates. Almost all formulations can pass FDA testing or drinking water testing. The ester based polyurethane solid rod isusually used to machine car bushing, while the ether based one is widely used in wet environment.


What are applications of Polyurethane Solid Rod?

Polyurethane Solid Rod is usually machined into different shapes to meet requirements below:

Spring and stripper in punching

Pressure cylinder in bulging application

Shock absorber

Bumpers, washer, seal, gasket and Spacers

Automotive suspension bushing

Sound Dampeners

Solid rollers & wheels

Roller/wheel sleeves

Machining method of polyurethane is different from rubber, plastic and metal. It’s not very easy to machine polyurethane to the very fine tolerances if you are not familiar with it.

If customer has difficult to machine them, our in-house and full set machining can offer good quality with low cost.


Why Use Pepsen Polyurethane Solid Rod?

Pesen has been manufacturing Polyurethane Solid Rod since 1996, so we have many stocked moulds and colorants for you to choose. The manufacturing process such as mixing, demoing and post curing are tightly controlled, curing time and temperature are key points that will not be applied on cheaper rods.

However, Pepsen has full records of prepolymer manufacturing, operation, curing and inspection which assure quality and traceability. 

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