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polyurethane elastomer bufferShanghai Pepsen manufactures custom polyurethane elastomer buffer as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally 70A, 80A or 90A, but can also be customized as well as color.

What is polyurethane elastomer buffer?

Elastomer buffers always come up with high load and energy absorption. They are also well known to protect workers from noise and danger, prevent machines being damaged.

They provide greater energy absorbing capacity than other materials and life span of it is 20 times longer than natural rubber buffers.

They are used to insulate and dampen air and structure-borne sound and offer progressive buffering characteristics with sustained excellent performance.

They are also resistant to grease and oils.


What are advantages of PU elastomer buffer?

Abrasion resistance

High load capacity

Non marking

Longer service life

Noise abatement

Durable and reduce down time


Why you choose PEPSEN polyurethane elastomer buffer?

Our experienced engineering staff who work in this field over 20 years can help from idea to bulk products.

In-house urethane prepolymer manufacturing

Made from a specially formulated casting polyurethane elastomer with exceptional shock absorption.

Hardness ranging from Shore 5A to 98A to 80D. Ester or Ether based

Over 30 stocked color options and customized colors available.

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Polyurethane Elastomer Buffer
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