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Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane U Groove WheelsShanghai Pepsen has been manufacturing Polyurethane U Groove Wheels since 2004.

Pepsen tight control of wheel core sandblasting and surface cleaning process ensure polyurethane is strong and chemically bonded to wheel core.


ü   In-house prepolymer manufacturing

ü   Lathe for Max 1 meter diameter wheels, 2X4 meters and 10 meters ovens

ü   Wheel cores could be metal, plastic, rubber, composite material and etc

ü   Sand-blasting equipment for small and big wheels separately

ü   Hardness ranging from Shore 5A to 98A to 80D.

ü   Over 30 stocked color options and customized colors available.

ü   Little or no mold fee is required as we have most of them in stock.

ü   We can also strip off polyurethane from used wheels and recoating/recovering.



Which Applications Can Polyurethane Wheels be Used?

ü   Drive wheel

ü   Conveyor wheels

ü   Idler wheels

ü   Guide wheels

ü   Load wheels

ü   Zero-Crush Wheels

ü   Pulley Wheels

ü   Swivel Wheels

ü   Rail Wheels

ü   Track Wheels

ü   Measuring Wheel

ü   Flange Wheels

ü   Solid Wheels

ü   Press-on Wheel


Which Application Specific Polyurethane Formulation Can We Offer?

ü   Abrasion resistant

ü   High rebound

ü   Low compression set

ü   High load capacity

ü   High temperature

ü   Excellent dynamic mechanical formulation

ü   Oil resistance

ü   Solvent resistance

ü   Hydrolysis resistance

ü   Fire retardancy , anti-static, antioxidant, mildew resistance, anti-aging, lubrication and many more…



Why Choose Us?

ü   Quick response in 12 hours

ü   In-house prepolymer manufacturing and outsourcing prepolymer available

ü   Economical and high performance raw materials available

ü   Strict analysis and testings on raw material before production

ü   Assistance from first idea through prototype

ü   First prototype inspection before volume production

ü   Quick delivery of prototypes or production needs

ü   Design assistance and parts consolidation

ü   In-house mold design (Insert, polyurethane, urethane molding)

ü   Over 15 years’ experience of choosing application specific formulations

ü   Custom formulated compounds



How to Get Precise Offer in 12 Hours?

ü   Drawing or sketch or sample

ü   Hardness range and tolerance

ü   Application or detailed working condition

ü   Quantity per order and per year

ü  Any other special requirements…

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Polyurethane U Groove Wheels
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