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Polyurethane V-Groove Wheel

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures V-Groove Wheel as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally 50A-90A, but can vary as well as color. Wheel core can be aluminum or steel, bearing and keyway structure are available.


What is V-Groove Urethane Wheel?

“V”-groove are molded from polyurethane directly or machined from coated polyurethane. A relief groove at the base of the “V” tends to equalize the load to each face of the angle track when in operation. Wheel face and bore are machined for concentricity to proper tracking. These wheels can be used not only on track but flat surfaces as well.


What are advantages of Polyurethane V-Groove Wheel??

Abrasion resistance

High load capacity

Protection from marring/galling

Longer service life

Noise abatement

Vibration damping and shock absorbing


How does PEPSEN make Polyurethane V-Groove Wheel?

V-Groove wheels can be manufactured from molded polyurethane directly or machined to almost any geometry to fit different shape such as tube, tracks, and other riding surfaces. We can either duplicate your existing wheel or your technical drawing.

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Polyurethane V-Groove Wheels
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