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Polyurethane Roller

Polyurethane Lagged RollerShanghai Pepsen manufactures customized polyurethane lagged roller as per customer requirements such as hardness, drawing and working environment. Hardness is normally Shore 5A-98A-65D, but can be customized as well as color.


What is polyurethane lagged roller?

Materials those are transported by conveyors tend to adhere to the conveyor belt and return rollers resulting in “duff” build-up on the rollers causing belt tracking problems on the conveyor.

In order to reducing build up, Pepsen rollers can be lagged in polyurethane to provide a surface to limit adherence to the roller.

It is extremely tough, while providing outstanding traction. They also experience less belt wear than ceramic laggings.


What are advantages of polyurethane lagged roller?

Extremely high bond strength

Idea for the most difficult wear applications

Cut and tear resistance

Impact resistance

High load bearing

Much longer life span than rubber lagging

Superior bonding strength


Why you choose PEPSEN to make polyurethane lagged roller?

Design assistance available. Our experienced engineering staff who work in this field over 20 years can help from idea to bulk products.

Many tools in stock, little tooling cost

Application specific formulations that meet needs for tough working conditions.

Hardness ranging from Shore 5A to 98A to 80D. Ester or Ether based

Over 30 stocked color options and customized colors available.

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Polyurethane Lagged Roller
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