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Polyurethane Pipeline Conveyor V RollersPolyurethane Pipeline Conveyor V Rollers

PEPSEN designs and manufactures wide range of custom molded polyurethane roller for heavy-duty pipeline applications. Rollers can be made of many different thicknesses, sizes, colors and hardness from shore 10A to 80D.


How does Polyurethane Pipeline Roller Works?

Pipeline Rollers are the key parts of equipment used for supporting pipes that transmit petroleum products, crude oil, and natural gas to destinations worldwide. They are used to guide the tubes during installation and to center the piping accurately. They are designed to protect the pipe exterior and minimize drag as the pipe is pulled through horizontal drill holes. The rollers are available in a variety of sizes and types, depending on what the pipeline will carry. They are a cost-efficient, long-lasting solution to pipe laying applications.


Which Industries Benefit From the Use of Pipeline Rollers?

Oil & Gas – The oil industry is born with pipelines. They are the ways that allows pumped crude oil to be transferred from drill sites to processing facilities to refineries. Oil & gas pipelines traverse the world.

Natural Gas Companies – The safest and most efficient delivery system for natural gas to homes and business is via an underground pipeline.

Electric utilities – Used where heavy duty electric lines are installed. The polyurethane rollers, besides being superior to plastic, steel, and rubber are non-sparking and an excellent insulator material.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Industries – For use when drilling horizontal oil & gas wells, or laying conduit.

Marine Applications – Rollers are used in both shallow and deep water pipe barge installations, as well as offshore oil wells and other facilities.


Why Is Polyurethane the Ideal Material for These Applications?

Polyurethane is an ideal material that is used in the manufacturing of pipeline rollers for a many reasons. First it is extremely durable. Polyurethane is designed for a variety of rigorous applications and hazardous settings. Directional drilling is often done in bitterly cold areas with ice and snow, though it is often employed in dangerously hot areas as well. Polyurethane can shrug both extremes off, resisting snow and moisture infiltration, as well as intense heat. Polyurethane also resists abrasions and pressure damage, and will bounce back quickly following an impact.

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Polyurethane Pipeline Conveyor V Rollers
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