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Polyurethane Rubber Coated Leveling BoltsPolyurethane Rubber Coated Leveling Bolts


Polyurethane coated Bolts are widely used in agricultural industry and weighing industry.

They can be either used as Adjusting Glides / Leveling Feet for weighing scale or used to fix liner provides an uninterrupted, abrasion-resistant surface.


Anti-Vibration Mounts / Adjusting Glides / Leveling Feet in stainless steel OR Carbon Steel (Zinc Plated) with Polyurethane base

PU coating with Anti-Static Properties can be custom made

Color Option: over 30 colors

Each Levelling Mount will be provided with SS Nuts & Washers.

Zinc plated carbon steel jam nut optional


No gluing or patching required, no surface preparation needed. Available in the same formulation as our liners with great bonding strength.

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Polyurethane Rubber Coated Leveling Bolts
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