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Polyurethane Vacuum Suction CupsPolyurethane Vacuum Suction Cups

Polyurethane suction cups are super abrasion resistant and are available in wide range of sizes. Please contact us providing details of cup to enable us to quote for your requirement.



What Is Polyurethane Vacuum Suction Cups?

PEPSEN polyurethane cups work exceptionally well in packaging applications including cartooning systems, case erecting, packing, and palletizing systems.


What are Advantages of Polyurethane Bumper?

The physical properties of polyurethane surpass those of ordinary materials, making it a more resilient and durable material for vacuum cups. Polyurethane vacuum suction cups offer superior performance, excellent abrasion resistance and long service life, making them highly cost effective.

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Polyurethane Vacuum Suction Cups
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