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Urethane Concrete Stamp

Urethane Concrete StampWhat are difference between HIGH QUALITY VS LOW QUALITY Precision Custom Molded Polyurethane Concrete Stamp?

High quality stamps have some characteristics that differentiate them from low quality stamps. 

1. They fit together tightly with no gaps. 

2. The stamp thickness is consistent. 

3. Their edges and corners are straight and align properly. 

4. Handles are firmly affixed and don't protrude out through the bottom. 

5. Texture is crisp, sharp, and looks realistic. 

6. Pattern varies form tool to tool and produces a random look. 

A top quality stamping tool should give you many reuses and years of service if cared for properly. 


RIGID STAMP- Rigid mats are used for a majority of the stamping job, they have handles for lifting and placing. they leave a good deep impression. 

FLOPPY OR FLEX - These are about half the thickness of a rigid mat and made with very flexible urethane. They have no handles and aren't usually used to stand on. Their main purpose is for stamping edges, corners, up against walls and columns.

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Precision Custom Molded Polyurethane Concrete Stamp
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