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Semi Conductive Polyurethane Wheels

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures standard and custom semi conductive polyurethane wheels as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally Shore 50A,70A,90A, but can vary as well as color. 


What is semi conductive polyurethane wheels?

Common polyurethane wheel is just like rubber or plastic wheels which are not conductive themselves. Electrical charge will build up inside the equipment creating a very dangerous environment when the static charge is greater than ground provided. This will result in loud visual sparking to the closest point of ground or if touched by human the electrical charge will be transferred through contact.

Rolling friction will lead to an imbalance of neutrons if the electrical charge cannot get to ground.

Semi conductive polyurethane wheels and rollers that are widely used in robotic and paper processing industry to protect sensitive electrical components.


What are advantages of semi conductive polyurethane wheels?

Ø  Eliminate electrical charge

Ø  Maintains consistent conductivity over time

Ø  Does not contaminate electronic or mechanical devices

Ø  Longer component life by preventing glazing

Ø  No or little tooling cost

Ø  Ester based and ether based polyurethane available


How Pepsen manufacture semi conductive polyurethane wheels?

Since 2004, we have been focusing on manufacturing the performance conductive polyurethane wheels.

PEPSEN formula of conductive (antistatic) polyurethane does not affect the physical properties of the original polyurethane, while creating a much safer environment.

When casting the wheels or rollers, PEPSEN workers add the conductive elements in the liquid urethane pre-polymer in a specified temperature. This assures that the conductive elements are homogeneously dissipated throughout the polyurethane pre-polymer.

The polyurethane molecules engage in an electro-chemical interaction with the conductive elements, which is maintained through the casting process. This process makes sure created conductive materials without sacrificing performance and physical properties of polyurethane

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Semi Conductive Polyurethane Wheels
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