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Shanghai Pepsen manufactures solid cast urethane pipeline pig as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally 85A, but can vary as well as color.


What is solid cast polyurethane disc pig?

Solid Cast Pigs or cast urethane pigs are molded in one piece, they are made of cast thermoset polyurethane, PEPSEN makes pre-polymer by ourselves using raw materials from Japan and German, which provide US quality and Chinese price.

Solid cast pigs are combined with the toughness and excellent sealing capabilities of both cups and discs, prove to be very efficient as general purpose pigs for batching, displacement, and routine pigging operations. They can also be used for cleaning applications by using additional brushes.


What are advantages of solid cast urethane disc pigs?

Made of application specific formulated polyurethane  

Much more flexible and easier handling than foam pigs

Single piece design

Multi-disc design assures sealing elements are always centered in the pipeline, resulting in consistent wear all the time.

Lightweight – no metal components.

Hollow core holds pressure evenly

Handles are easy to be operated

Hardness and color can be customized for different projects


How does solid cast urethane disc pigs work?

The sealing discs and a cup design is extremely effective in removing liquids in wet gas systems and liquid lines. The hollow core makes the pig lightweight and uses the line pressure to expand the pig helping to create a superior long lasting seal. This superior sealing capability make it ideal for product batching, line displacement, and product evacuation. 

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Solid Cast Polyurethane Pipeline Cleaning Pigs
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