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Transparent Thin Wall Polyurethane Urethane Tube

Transparent Thin Wall Polyurethane Urethane Tube - German and Japan Material, Made In CHINA



What is Thin Wall Polyurethane Tube?

Polyurethane tubes are made by pouring liquid materials into tube molds, this decides that thin wall thickness cannot be smaller than 1.5mm-2mm. If you use polyester based polyurethane or hardness is especially high, you will find 2mm is impossible to achieve directly. Pepsen flexible and innovative production process make thin wall urethane tube possible, the thickness could be as small as to 1mm , which is also difficult for some extruded PU tube.



What is Transparent Urethane Tube?

In most cases, urethane tube is in light yellow color or milky while color when hardness is Shore 80-90A, depending on ester or ether basis. They will change slightly when dometers is higher or lower, but normally it is impossible to get transparent color.  Pepsen over 20 years’ experience of urethane formula make it happen easily, we make clear/transparent polyurethane tube by changing raw material and mixing ratio.



What are applications of Transparent Thin Wall Polyurethane Urethane Tube?

Pepsen polyurethane Thin Wall Polyurethane Urethane Tubes are usually machined into ring for textile industry. They were installed on metal hub and provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Long and thin tube is widely used as roller sleeve, the flexibility of polyurethane makes installation and uninstallation easier, the slightly smaller ID assures strong bonding with roller body and no slip off at high speed and high load.


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Transparent Thin Wall Polyurethane Urethane Tube
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