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Polyurethane SpillCurb Containment Berm

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures customized Spill Berm Flexible Barrier as per customer requirements such as hardness, drawing and working environment. Hardness is normally Shore 0A-20A, but can be customized as well as color.


What is polyurethane flexible spill barrier?

Spill Berm is widely used to control spill in workshop. It will allow a quick and easy way of controlling leaks and reducing hazards on the workshop floor. Its flexible design allow it be bended to follow almost any curve and angle.

The Flexible Spill Barrier is made of reusable non-absorbent polyurethane. Cut to any length for a custom fit. Can also be used to form an edge on workbenches to keep bolts, bearings and other small parts from rolling off. Temperature limit: -40 to 80 degrees C.


What are advantages of polyurethane flexible spill barrier?

Oil, Chemical and solvent resistant

Weather resistant

Prevent dangerous spills out of drain

Reusable, just wash with soap and water

Adheres to ground temporarily for maximum seal

Size of Flexible Spill Barrier: 60mm x100mmX3 meters

Weight of Flexible Spill Barrier: 11kg

Packed by special paper, separate wooden case

Typical life expectancy is 5 years


How do you attach flexible spill barrier together?

They can be used without connectors to direct or divert liquid to or away from a drain. You can connect the ends together or add additional lengths. This connector will allow for the two ends to be placed together and the connect goes over the seam to seal out the liquid.

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