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urethane coated muller wheelUrethane Coated Muller Wheel

Shanghai Pepsen manufactures standard and custom urethane coated muller wheel as per customer requirements including drawings or samples. Hardness is normally 80-90A, but can vary as well as color. 


What is urethane coated muller wheel?

Urethane covered muller wheels can extend the life of the muller wheel by using urethane in contact with sand instead of the steel muller wheel.  Urethane coverings are abrasive resistant and can be refurbished when worn.


What are advantages of urethane coated muller wheel?

Super abrasion resistance.

High temperature resistance.

Very low permanent deformation

Impact and shock absorption.

Oil and chemical resistant

Reduce noise significantly.

Excellent cut and abrasion resistance.

Many tools in stock to avoid high tooling cost.

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Urethane Coated Muller Wheel
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