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Urethane Liner Project

Urethane_LinerPEPSEN engineers designed these urethane liners that are used to protect polycrystalline silicon during the production and transportation.PEPSEN polyurethane liners have not been worn out in 4 years’ tough working condition that exceeds liner made in Germany, while cost is much lower.



What is advantage of Urethane Liners?

Urethane liners are widely used in many transport working condition.


ü  Reduces impact and sliding abrasion damage in abrasive situations

ü  Resist corrosion

ü  Oil, fuel, and grease resistance

ü  Noise, sound dampening

ü  Excellent tear strength

ü  No Precipitation and non-marking



Where Urethane Liners Are Used?

Urethane liners are usually used to protect hoppers, concrete mixers and chutes from abrasive materials. Urethane liners can either be bonded to existing equipment or separately molded

ü  Fan and pump housings

ü  Cyclones,

ü  Semi-trailers

ü  Screen frames

ü  Steel hoppers, dump trucks, concrete hoppers, tanks

ü  Grain bowls,

ü  Pipes

ü  Potable water systems

ü  Centrifugal finishing machines.